About us


UKKO Organic & Energy Pvt Ltd
 is a Mumbai based manufacturer of innovative niche products for infant, children, mothers, and household. Our baby products’ division is named “HOOPA Baby Store”. Our flagship product are “2-in-1 Hoopa Feeding pillow” and “3-in-1 Hoopa Pregnancy pillow


Ensuring that our products make every woman feel motherhood, infant feeding, and child care – a beautiful experience


Ensure that our products reach every mother and child globally


IT transformation

Beginning April 2021, Hoopa has transformed itself into a B2C enterprise.  Business model is of a unique online factory store, offering quality niche products directly to customer.   

Social contribution

Hoopa employs migrant workers and provides stitching jobs, as work from home, to women seeking additional source of income. Hoopa invites interests from women centric NGOs and woman who can offer stitching jobs.

Thanks giving

HOOPA Baby Store thanks mothers for their faith and recommendation of 2-in-1 Hoopa Feeding pillow. This has converted into sale of over 1010,000 2-in-1 Hoopa Feeding pillows.