3-in-1 Pregnancy pillow

(325 customer reviews)

3-in-1 Pregnancy pillow

(325 customer reviews)


Free shipping, taxes extra


(Free shipping, Taxes extra)

✔️ 3 use of pillows as a pregnancy pillow, feeding pillow, baby guard, & body pillow. FREE cloth cover for the pillow.
✔️ Contours according to the natural curves of the body & induces a deep relaxing – comfortable sleep. Keeps back & belly supported. Improved lumbar support.
✔️ Pillow is for a mom of average built. The removable cover has print on one side and solid color on another side.
✔️ Pillow arms will not slip or give away when the weight falls on them because pillow arms are locked on all sides.
✔️ Pillow has sliding zips on both arms & it has an armrest patch so that the human arm can be straightened through the pillow arm.




127 X 66 X 18 cms weight around 3.01 Kgs 50 X 26 X 7 inches weight around 3.01 Kgs

Hoopa has taken note of feedback from pregnant moms that their pregnancy pillow gives way when their weight falls on pillow arm. Purpose of a pregnancy pillow is to support mom’s belly and back. For preventing pillow arms from slipping away, Hoopa has innovated and locked all pillow arms with removable zips.

External cover can be removed and machine washed

Hoopa pregnancy pillow has premium quality poly fiber stuffed inside. Pregnancy pillow can be entirely machine washed and dried. Pillow will not get damaged.

External cover is 100% cotton. Inside cover is of PC fabric. 3-in-1 Hoopa pregnancy pillow has premium quality poly fiber stuffing inside.

3-in-1 Hoopa pregnancy pillow should be bought at detection of pregnancy. 1st trimester of pregnancy has lot of anxiety. Relaxing deep sleep and comfortable body will go a long way in curbing anxiety and body discomfort.

1) Pregnancy pillow

2) Feeding pillow

3) Infant guard

Yes. A very cute and convenient cloth cover bag with multi purpose use is a free accessory

Mom can extend her arm over this separable hand patch. At times, mom may not want to put her hand over the side arm of pillow. Separable hand patch has a width of 3 inches and it is a flat cloth patch over which mom can straighten her hand and extend her hand through the side arm. Hugely comfortable….

The smaller side of 3-in-1 Hoopa Pregnancy pillow can be detached by unzipping it from larger side. Thereafter, there are 2 parts of pillow – smaller and larger. Smaller pillow is perfect feeding pillow and larger pillow is largest infant guard available in market. This enables alternate usage of entire pregnancy pillow, after pregnancy.

Infant guard provides largest anti roll bumpers for newborn. Infants have a tendency for rolling over during sleep and while playing. Large bumpers will prevent infant’s rolling. Large bumpers also cut off loud sound waves from reaching infant’s ears. This provides deep and loving sleep to infant.

NEVER. Mother gets charmed with body relax and comfort offered by 3-in-1 Hoopa Pregnancy pillow. Our experience is that mother transforms into a life long user of 3-in-1 Hoopa Pregnancy pillow.

3-in-1 Hoopa Pregnancy pillow is also named as relaxing pillow and body positioner suitable for all age group & gender. Buyers use it for deep and soothing sleep that removes all fatigue and stress.

3-in-1 Hoopa Pregnancy pillow has 2 sides – front and back. Front side has printed cotton fabric and rear side has solid color cotton fabric. This 2 color fabric composition of 3-in-1 Hoopa Pregnancy pillow offers changing mood and fresh appeal.


3-in-1 Hoopa Pregnancy pillow | Feeding pillow | Infant guard | Body pillow

Pregnancy pillow
Pregnancy pillow is locked on all sides. When weight falls on pillow’s arms, the arms will not slip away; they shall not give way. Both pillow arms have easily separable zips. Upper head rest can be detached and put to use as hand support, under knee support, or for leg raising.

Feeding pillow
Both pillow arms have easily separable zips. Headrest on upper side can be detached. It is a perfect and premium Feeding pillow as shown in the picture. Feeding pillow supports cradle, football hold, koala hold etc. all feeding positions.

Infant guard
Larger half of pregnancy pillow is a perfect infant guard. It protects infant from all sides. It provides largest bumpers so that newborn cannot roll. And baby cannot be accidentally hurt by co-sleepers. It is a fun infant guard and gives warmth to newborn

About this item

3-in-1 use as pregnancy pillow, feeding pillow, baby guard, & body pillow contours according to body& induces a deep relaxing -comfortable sleep. Designed as supernatural curves of body| Inner curves keep mom’s back & belly supported| Improved lumbar support removable cover has a print on one side and solid color on other side pillow arms will not slip or give away when the weight falls on them because pillow arms are locked on all sides pillow has sliding zips on both arms & it has armrest patch so that human arm can be straightened through the pillow arm.

Additional information

Weight 3000 g
Dimensions 127 × 66 × 17.8 cm
Select Pregnancy pillow color

Baby blue, Baby pink

325 reviews for 3-in-1 Pregnancy pillow

  1. Ananya

    This Pregnancy pillow is super soft, comfy and really useful for women who needs extra support. This multipurpose pillow makes hassle free sleeping and also body can be placed in comfortable position.

  2. Kavita

    This is perfectly cushioned pillow with right size as it helps moms to get good sleep without any backache. Also i can fall asleep very easily in this pillow in side turn position which is a very soothing position. Thanks Hoopa for this

  3. Sharda Rathore

    Really good pillow in terms of height, shape and width but but needs darker colors. May Hoopa work on it.

  4. Savita singh

    I compared different sites for pregnancy pillow and I bought directly from hoopa.in and I got a cloth cover bag with it, finding it as best product after use and also recommended to family and loved ones.

  5. Vaibhav Singh

    Pillow is good and very comfortable. Only 2 colour are available

  6. Shalini

    Amazing quality and design. Thank you Hoopa. It is better to spend on Hoopa pregnancy pillow then spend on medicines and doctors

  7. Saira Khan

    i have washed the removable cover & the pillow in washing machine. both r safe & clean

  8. Shiny Sehgal

    I used it as pregnancy pillow & now I am using it also as feeding pillow & baby bolster guard

  9. Maria Gomes

    after 3 days use, my back pain subsided & sleeping is vry comofortable

  10. Alhad Kulkarni

    wife is using it for 2 months. Excellent quality

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