3-in-1 Hoopa Pregnancy pillow | Feeding pillow | Infant guard | Body pillow

Pregnancy pillow
Pregnancy pillow is locked on all sides. When weight falls on pillow’s arms, the arms will not slip away; they shall not give way. Both pillow arms have easily separable zips. Upper head rest can be detached and put to use as hand support, under knee support, or for leg raising.

Feeding pillow
Both pillow arms have easily separable zips. Headrest on upper side can be detached. It is a perfect and premium Feeding pillow as shown in the picture. Feeding pillow supports cradle, football hold, koala hold etc. all feeding positions.

Infant guard
Larger half of pregnancy pillow is a perfect infant guard. It protects infant from all sides. It provides largest bumpers so that newborn cannot roll. And baby cannot be accidentally hurt by co-sleepers. It is a fun infant guard and gives warmth to newborn

About this item

3-in-1 use as pregnancy pillow, feeding pillow, baby guard, & body pillow contours according to body& induces a deep relaxing -comfortable sleep. Designed as supernatural curves of body| Inner curves keep mom’s back & belly supported| Improved lumbar support removable cover has a print on one side and solid color on other side pillow arms will not slip or give away when the weight falls on them because pillow arms are locked on all sides pillow has sliding zips on both arms & it has armrest patch so that human arm can be straightened through the pillow arm.

Additional information

Weight 3000 g
Dimensions 127 × 66 × 17.8 cm
Select Pregnancy pillow color

Baby blue, Baby pink

325 reviews for 3-in-1 Pregnancy pillow

  1. Sadhana

    Very comfortable, using it everyday

  2. Aniket

    Comfortable and convenient for sleeping

  3. Sherwin

    I bought it 3 months before and i realized it is very usefull in many types.It can be taken when we go out for a vacation

  4. Mathan kumar

    Mandatory during maternity

  5. Lavanya R

    Never knew there was a solution for back aching problem for pregnant women. This is it. Women will love it

  6. Abhi iyer

    I am really happy with the pillow even though it was an investment but i found it value for money as it turned out multipurpose.

  7. Vinisha

    A must for all the new moms & new moms-to-be. And its very comfortable.

  8. Rahul Ashok

    Worth the money and really satisfied.

  9. Ankita Sharma

    this is a very good product ,bieng a first time mom to be i was not aware about this type of product but my doctor told me to buy one.

  10. Catherine

    durable and easily washable.

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