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Foldable Baby Mosquito Net, Bottomless Net for Infants, for Safe & Easy Use | Ensures Your Baby’s Safe Sleep 135 x 65 x 65cms, for Babies & Toddlers (0 to 24 Months) – Ocean Green
Highly durable see through mesh fabric ensures breathability and provides protection from mosquitoes and other insects
Secure Base Support: Secure base support steel wire. Anti-oxidation and abrasion resistance. Safe, Fast & Easy set-up without any tools, convenient to use
Micro Hole: 100% fine premium honeycomb patterned mosquito mesh blocks even the tiny mosquitoes
Deepen Lace: Widen breathable fabric cloth to cover wounds to prevent mosquitoes and bugs



Specially designed, cut, treated, cured special foam and outer cover is of PC fabric.It can be washed and even machine washed, subject to its large size. Ergonomic contouring of 2-in-1 Hoopa Feeding pillow will remain stable after washing. Outside fabric will get washed and it can be dried. Do not heat dry. It should be natural air drying.

₹  1190 ₹  1290 ₹  1450 Button ₹  1450 Chain   1590
Basic product with strong back support Shoulder belt transfers baby’s weight to mom’s shoulder Stitched blanket with button for covering infant Stitched blanket with chain Stitched all surrounding cover with stuffed fiber

Newborn upto 4 months. ₹ 1590 pillow can be used upto 6 months

1) alternate use as infant carrier

2) entire pillow with baby can be reclined into suitable position

3) pillow with baby can be tilted towards mom’s chest

4) pillow can be held anywhere. No need to hold precisely below neck & buttock

5) provides strong back support to newborn’s fragile structure

6) relaxes mom’s arms and provides great comfort during feeding

7) reclined feeding reduces colic & vomit; it enables better & faster milk digestion

Hoopa Feeding pillow is designed with strong back so that fragile neck, spine, hands of infant get comfortable and steady support. Hoopa is the only pillow that supports infant’s delicate body and this can be achieved only with a strong back support. At same time, Hoopa pillow is not uncomfortable to baby’s body. Moreover, moms who prefer softness for baby generally place a soft blanket over Hoopa pillow and on this soft blanket, baby is rested.

World Health Organization – WHO recommends reclined position during feeding & after feeding too. Reclined position settles milk in lower region of stomach and this prevents milk throw out and colic. It enables faster and better digestion of milk

Hoopa has ergonomically designed contours. These contours provide comfort with safety to infant. Newborn can be reclined without fear because of these contours

Shoulder belt is available only in 2-in-1 Hoopa Feeding pillow with shoulder belt ₹ 1290. Shoulder belt can be provided as customized accessory for other variations for additional cost of  ₹150

Stitched blanket protects newborn against dust, cold, heat wave, germs etc.

There are 2 variations of stitched blanket and both are of same price.

  • One of them has buttons for loosening & tightening blanket for covering infant. It is called as Hoopa Hooded Feeding pillow  ₹ 1450
  • Other variation has zip for opening & closing blanket. It is called as Hoopa Blanket Feeding pillow  ₹ 1450


  • Strong back supports the delicate body of newborn including neck, head, spine, hands and legs
  • Hoopa Feeding pillow (HFP) is the only reclined carrier for infant – age group “ newborn upto 4 months”. This is the period when infant is always in reclining position and cannot be held or fed in vertical carriers
  • Enables reclined position of newborn at feeding and carrying
  • Ergonomically designed contours provide best position to newborn for feeding and carrying
  • Tested and Certified by InterTek Laboratory for meeting US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act ( CPSIA ) and Canada CPSC

Feeding Pillow

Hoopa Feeding Pillow can be reclined at an angle suitable to mom. Different feeding positions viz. cradle hold, cross cradle hold, football hold. World Health Organisation recommends reclined feeding and carrying of newborn for preventing milk throw out. Reclined position of infant keeps milk in lower stomach and thereby milk digestion is quicker. And milk throw out is mitigated\

Infant Carrier

Other feeding pillows are latched to mom’s body and bulky. They don’t have a strong back. Infant’s weight grows from 2.5 kg to 5 or 7 kg during first 4 months. If feeding pillow is not strong to hold this weight, invariably entire weight will have to be transferred to mom’s hand.

Hoopa Feeding Pillow has exceptionally strong back support. Infant’s spine and feeble bone structure is safe and comfortable with Hoopa pillow

Hoopa Infant Carrier enables even kids to carry newborn

7 year old kid can also confidently and safely carry infant indoor as well as outdoor. Hoopa pillows are strong and safe.

DIMENSION24 inch length X 7 inch height X 11 inch wide     
100% COTTON COVER     
AGENewborn upto 4 months     
DUAL USEFeeding pillow + Infant Carrier     
7 KG WEIGHT     
EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG BACK SUPPORTsupports infant’s neck, spine, & fragile structure     
HAND HOLD POSITIONSHold Hoopa pillow anywhere & any position     
PILLOW POSITION CAN BE CHANGEDHoopa pillow along with infant can be moved into different positions

Product must be used responsibly and with care for infant safety. “Hands free” doesn’t mean that infant in HOOPA need not be cared and totally without hand support. Hands free feature must be used carefully and responsibly with proper balance. This feature is only for a snap second use.

Legal Disclaimer:

“HOOPA” branded products are manufactured and sold by Hoopa Baby Store. We are not responsible for spurious products and products not purchased from Hoopa Baby Store as seller. HOOPA products must be used responsibly for infant and newborn must be continuously cared for. There may be some color difference than what is appearing in pictures. Dimensions can vary +/- 2 inches on all sides. Weight can vary by 25 grams.


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