Cases of goods unavailability or service problem:

• If the order is confirmed by us and Hoopa is not able to ship the product on time, then we give refund to customer, if customer demands
• 100% refund will be given, if product is not available or vendor is not able to ship the products
• If the delivery address is out-side the service area or remote, then buyer is requested to provide easily deliverable address
Cases of customer demanding refunds:
• 100% Refund will be given in case of manufacturing defect for claims within 3 days
• In case buyer doesn’t want the product, shipping charges will be deducted
• Refund amount will be provided to buyer’s QR code or UPI address which the buyer needs to whatsapp on +91 9320008055. Note, calls will not be answered
• Buyer must demand and book return of the product within 3 days
• Buyer shall return unused product with original packaging & unused quality to return address messaged from whatsapp +91 9320008055. Note, calls will not be answered
• In case we do not have pick up service available at your location, you would have to self-ship the product to our office Address messaged from whatsapp +91 9320008055. Note, calls will not be answered
• Returned products shall be inspected by Team Hoopa & Hoopa’s decision shall be final and binding on buyer
• Refund as detailed hereinabove shall be provided to buyer within 48 hours of inspection
• Unboxing video must be messaged to whatsapp +91 9320008055. Without unboxing video, refund cannot be processed. Note, calls will not be answered
• Refund processing fee of Rs 100 may apply

Undelivered / Lost shipment:

If shipment is not delivered within estimated delivery date, Seller will raise a ticket with logistic partners. Logistic partner will make 3 attempts of delivery
If it is undelivered for customer unavailability or no response, then customer has to bear cost.
If shipment is not delivered in abovestated 3 attempts, logistic partners will conduct an enquiry and it takes 7-10 days before they declare it as lost
Fresh shipment will be processed only after first shipment is declared as lost


For support send whatsapp message on +91 9320008055 or email