Refund policy

Cases of goods unavailability or service problem:

  • If the order is confirmed by us and Hoopa is not able to ship the product on time, then we give refunds to customer, if customer demands
  • 100% refund will be given, if product is not available or vendor is not able to ship the products
  • For courier products, If the delivery address is out-side the service area, then buyer will provide approachable address

Cases of customer demanding refunds:

  • 100% Refund will be given in case of manufacturing defect for claims within 3 days
  • In case buyer doesn’t want the product, original shipping charges will be deducted
  • Refund amount will be provided to buyer’s QR code or UPI address
  • Buyer must demand and book return of the product within 7 days
  • Buyer shall return unused product with original packaging & quality to address provided
  • Returned products shall be inspected by Hoopa & Hoopa’s decision shall be final
  • Refund as detailed hereinabove shall be provided to buyer within 24 hours of inspection