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According to experts, it is said that first 1000 days after the birth of a child, decide how is the learning ability or the growth of the intelligence is seen in the child. Mom must take care from beginning so that child becomes intelligent on their own.


  1. This blog includes tricks suggested by experts and other moms to make your child wise. The first and foremost thing is to keep your child away from TVs, tabs, or mobile phones. Most common mistakes that parents make is while balancing their home and the office work, they are making their children sit with the gadgets. This activity is very harmful to the child’s brain development. Watching TV continuously does not make mind active. It stops your child’s cognitive skills, and the kid develops the habit of sitting constantly without physical efforts. Kids become inactive, and their thinking, skills, and vision develops from what they watch on TV, tabs, or mobile phones.  Kids do not engage their mind in exploring and observing nature closely.  They intake unnatural and made up stories that are far from reality.  Rather, parents must make child active in physical and problem solving activities for their brain development


2. Try involving your kids in physical activities like ball passing, playing football, arranging blocks, and much more.  It will not only indulge them, but they will also not disturb you in your work. It will also increase their motor skills and removes laziness among the children

3. The most important trick is to spend as much time with your kids as you can and interact with them. Continuously interacting with kids helps in developing their brains. Pampering them, loving them, playing with them, hugging them makes their brain active they will also feel confident and secure, and an increase in self-esteem will also happen, which will help him/them in the future. Doing these activities will increase their self-confidence, and they will not fear talking to other people. Experts say that until the age of 3, the more words parents will speak to their child, the more their IQ level will increase. Please talk about your work, play with them, and tell them about new things that will help them later in their lives

4. Do breastfeed your child till the age of 2. It is said that mother’s milk is the solution to every problem. It increases the IQ level of your child in comparison to other kids who get very low breastfeeding

5. The next trick is music. Music increases the memory in kids, their attention capacity and learning abilities also improve. Make them listen to the nursery rhymes, excellent songs, and even you can sing for your child—children like it if their parents sing or do some activity for them. When your child grows older, train  them in playing a musical instrument which helps in improving the brain. Being a parent is a blessing, so enjoy it while doing all the activities you can with them

6. Make your children friends with books, not the books in a tab, mobile or computer, the printed books are the effective one. Buy picture books for smaller kids. Being a parent, you can also read stories for them loudly, which will help them increase vocabulary and pronunciation and develop reading abilities

7.To develop the identification, coordination, or learning abilities, challenge your kids. Ask them to throw the balls or identify different shapes and keep in mind while challenging, don’t pressurize them; let them enjoy as it’s just a game, not an exam

8. Whenever you play with kids, count loudly in front of them. Be it books, numbers, or alphabets. Make them aware of alphabets, small spellings, and when he grows older and be around a year older, encourage them to speak with you so that they learn numbers and alphabet quickly and in future, it will be easy for them to grasp

9. Point with your fingers at the things and pronounce their names so that child can relate the name with the particular item. Kids will be able to learn new things, will be able to identify them, and they will understand the language

 10. Never give strain or pressure to the kids. Suppose you feel like the kid is getting bored and is getting distracted, so provide them with a break. Let them relax, switch off all lights and make all music off and let them play on their own and as their choice.  Do not squeeze their freedom for complying with your model of child development

11. Take your child out so that he socializes with other people, interacts with them. The child will see different things and observe various environmental activities, which will help him adapt to social situations

12.  Choose suitable toys. Toys are not only for playing but also help them learn different things, like shapes and colors, which will help them to be creative

13. Let children interact with other kids and play with them. Ask them to share their things with another child, which will help the child understand others’ feelings, and the kid will care about others from their heart

14. For the kid’s overall development, make them eat nutritious food, which includes eggs, green vegetables, fruits, or nuts full of vitamins and minerals

15. When your child is going out in a new surrounding, he will be curious to know about various things, ask multiple questions to you, stop them, and try to answer their questions. The more baby’s questions, more will be learning

16. The bonus trick is never to fight in front of kids. As a parent, don’t fight in front of them as it will make the child sad, insecure, and he will get scared. Spread positivity in front of a child, never bring any financial or family issues in front of them


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